Training workplace in Melville, NY

New York recently launched an anti-sexual harassment agenda and signed it into law. The law specifies sexual harassment prevention training workplace employees must undertake, no matter the size of the workforce. Even if your head office is based elsewhere but you have employees in New York, the law also applies to you.

The law is a response to increased reports of sexual harassment in the workplace. As an employer, you must take an active stance against workplace sexual harassment. This includes having a specific workplace policy on sexual harassment. The Department of Labor and Division of Human Rights have drafted a model of the sexual harassment prevention policy. Employers have the option of either adopting this model or developing their own policy. However, they must ensure that their policy equals or exceeds the minimum standards of the state’s agencies’ policy.

Often, employers choose to work with a professional who can advise on their potential exposure to these policies and how to optimize their environment and processes for compliance. As a trained mediator and qualified psychologist, Beth Spickler Lerman understands the dynamics of interpersonal behavior and can advise you and your organization accordingly. Pursuant to your workplace policy, members of your workforce must be trained in:

  • Best employment practices;
  • Legal risks; and
  • Practical solutions to workplace sexual harassment

The goal is to not only follow the law but also build a stronger workplace culture. This encourages the creation of stronger and more productive teams. Depending on your needs, we can provide the training workplace employees need as live sessions or in-person training sessions. We can also provide your organization with interactive online training programs.