Parenting Plans in Melville, NY

A parenting plan is a legally binding agreement reached by a divorcing couple on terms and conditions regarding how they want to raise their children. The plan covers various aspects of the children’s upbringing, including holidays and school breaks, travel arrangements and decision making (both day to day and major decisions). It also includes:

  • Who has access to relevant information about the children; and
  • The communication between the parents and the children.

The feelings of tension involved in divorce are usually high. Divorcing couples may find it difficult to think about parenting plans much less sit together to draft one. This is why the services of an experienced mediator are vital. The mediator will work with all parties concerned and help them make clear-headed decisions.

In drafting an efficient parenting plan, parents have to consider their individual needs and those of their children. Getting a child psychologist or social worker to sit with your children and help you understand their needs is a great idea. This way, you are sure that the needs of your children are well represented in the parenting plan.

Beth Spickler Lerman is a trained mediator with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Works. She has 26 years’ experience working with couples and their children. With her, you get access to a mediator, a psychologist and a social worker – all wrapped in one package of efficient empathy.