Family Mediation in Melville, NY

Divorce is often traumatic, and this makes it a difficult process to go through. The process is often emotionally charged and these feelings can get in the way of making cool-headed decisions about the future. Sadly, the litigation process is ill-equipped to deal with most of these issues. While it will often focus on legal issues such as child support and custody, property division and spousal support, deeper emotional issues often take a backseat. This is why couples often prefer to use family mediation.

Family mediation is a better alternative to the traditional divorce process. With family mediation, you can make joint decisions while maintaining a positive relationship with your ex-spouse. You also have more control over the outcome and there are better possibilities for a mutually beneficial outcome.

Family Mediation

Mediation Provides Many Benefits during a Difficult Time

Divorce is one of the most difficult transitions a family can experience. It does not need to be made more so by dragging things out in the court system. Although some divorcee cases cannot be settled without interference from the court, the vast majority are resolved outside of the courtroom.

In many of these cases, mediation makes an out-of-court settlement possible.

Mediation is beneficial when dealing with divorce for many reasons, including:

  • Resolving common issues that arise in divorce proceedings as efficiently as possible
  • Saving everyone involved money
  • Preserving important relationships and resolving some of the animosity that might have arisen early on in the divorce proceedings
  • Ensuring that whatever settlement is created is lawful and will be approved by the court
  • Making a difficult and emotional transition easier on everyone
  • Allowing spouses to express their thoughts and concerns
  • Respecting everyone’s opinions and finding mutually beneficial solutions
  • Setting the tone for healthy communication and decision-making going forward

Mediation can be helpful in a variety of legal situations, but it is perhaps most important when dealing with family legal matters. Devising a scenario in which everyone can move forward and begin a new life, but still be able to peacefully work together and make decisions after a marriage ends is essential to the health of a family. Mediation is based on mutual respect and understanding, which means everyone feels heard and acknowledged. This eliminates the bitterness and animosity that is so common in divorces that end up in court.

Mediation is Flexible and Perfect for Family Law

Are you looking for a better way to resolve your divorce? Do you want to transition your family from marriage to divorce with fewer complications? Mediation can help.

It is no secret that every family is different. They all have unique needs and circumstances, which means one-size-fits-all divorce settlements are rarely in anyone’s interest. Try as it might, the court system is not able to understand the unique situations of every divorcing family. This is why it is so important to put important decisions back into the hands of the most affected people.

Mediation offers an efficient and effective way to create customized solutions for families that are transitioning from marriage to divorce. The black-and-white approach of the court does not work for most families and can be more detrimental than helpful. If your family is transitioning to a new phase, you and your former spouse must remain in control of the decision making as much as possible. It is the best way to ensure that everyone in your family is treated fairly and that the youngest members of your family receive the care and support they need.

Is Mediation the Right Option for Your Family?

Divorce does not need to be traumatic or leave your family with lasting scars. Making the choice to manage this transition with as much respect and peace as possible will have a lasting positive effect. If you are looking for a better option and want to keep your family out of the turmoil and frustration of the family court system, mediation might be your best option.

Resolve Family Conflict

At Simple Solutions Divorce Mediation, we thoroughly understand the dynamics of family law conflicts and can help you resolve these disputes amicably. Our principal, Beth Spickler Lerman is a trained mediator with more than 26 years’ experience assisting couples and families through mediation. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Social Work.

No matter what issues underlie your family law disputes, we can help you identify these issues and deal with their emotional and practical aspects. If you would like to understand how the process works and how it can benefit you, please contact us today.