Divorce Mediation in Melville, NY

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process couples may opt for when undergoing divorce. It provides them with other means of resolving disputes without having to go through the court system. It is also more cost-effective than litigation, potentially saving couples hundreds to thousands of dollars on their divorce.

If you are contemplating or currently undergoing divorce, mediation offers significantly higher benefits over litigation. With the support of a trained professional, you and your spouse can better understand the issues in your divorce and deal comprehensively with them. It enables you deal better with the difficult period and dissolve your marriage in a mutually beneficial manner.

Beth Spickler Lerman is a trained divorce mediator with 26 years’ experience working with couples. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters’ degree in Social Work. She works with couples in divorce mediation to ensure that they are in the best position to make important decisions regarding their divorce – decisions that will have long-term personal and financial consequences on their lives.

She can help you and your spouse understand and articulate your individual perspectives. With this type of understanding, you and your spouse can leave mediation with the assurance that you have made the best decisions for yourselves and your children. Much more, while you and your spouse may not leave the process with a desire to get back together, you will leave the process as friends.

If you would like to understand how divorce mediation could specifically benefit you and your spouse, contact us today.